Throughout his career, Thomas has demonstrated a unique ability to blend traditional art forms with modern digital techniques. This versatility, enriched by his experiences in both fine arts and commercial realms, has made him a more insightful graphic artist, capable of innovative and out-of-the-box thinking and design. His adaptability, continuous learning, and deep engagement with artistic and educational spheres exemplify a holistic approach to art and design. Balancing his time between creating studio art and completing his thesis for a masters degree in fine art, Thomas continues to inspire and guide future artists, showcasing the power and potential of a diversified artistic skill set.

Thomas Griffith's career journey is a testament to the seamless integration of diverse artistic skills and approaches. Originally from New York and now a long-time resident of Maine, his path in the arts has been marked by a continuous evolution of skills and interests. Beginning with an associate's degree in commercial art, Thomas initially established himself as a graphic artist, deeply rooted in analog graphic design methods. As the digital era unfolded, he skillfully transitioned to digital graphics, dedicating much of his career to mastering this medium.

Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, focusing on sculpture and printmaking, marked a pivotal shift in Thomas's career. Moving away from his commercial art origins, he began exploring themes centered around social issues and philosophy, steering his art away from commercial and commodity-focused objectives.

His foray into the academic world as a tech in the printmaking studio at the University of Maine further enriched his career. Here, he nurtured a passion for teaching and mentoring, helping others achieve their creative aspirations and sharing his extensive knowledge in art-making. This role highlighted his ability to connect and communicate effectively with others, a skill that proved invaluable in his subsequent position.

As a teaching assistant in the New Media Department, Thomas deepened his commitment to education. Working closely with students in individual and classroom settings, he utilized his experience in virtual communication and digital media to provide practical insights into combining digital technologies with creative processes. His expertise in 3D digital media and virtual worlds became a critical aspect of his teaching, enabling students to explore new dimensions of artistic expression.