3D Printing Relief Printing Plates

When I printed some flat test plates on the new Elegoo Saturn 2 resin 3D printer I thought "oh this is a lot like a printmaking relief plate".

I enjoy the process of mono printing with acrylic sheets and have found combining that process with relief printing interesting.

The goal became 3D print relief plates that are the same thickness as the acrylic sheets I use to mono print. This would make it possible to switch between the mono print plates and relief plates with less press adjustments.

Printing flat stuff on resin printer with out it warping can be a bit tricky. Normally the flat object is turned on a 45 degree angle on supports to reduce issues of the print coming off the printer plate, but what I needed for this was the ability to print the plate flat on the printer surface without and supports and rafts.

After much fussing with settings and waiting 20 minutes for each test to print I have had good success.


Tips learned

Important to have the minimum of over exposed first layers so the print adheres well with the resin expanding into the printing surface deforming the details. For wider prints there needs to be enough delay before the print lowers back down to allow the resin to flow evenly under the last layers.


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