This website serves as a dynamic canvas, where how the content is presented is an integral part of this portfolio. It has been designed to mirror my artistic ethos and is a narrative of my practice, inviting exploration of my work and embodying a unique digital extension of my creative practice.

The continued swift progression of technology, especially with the latest emergence of prompt-based image and text generators, is rapidly transforming the art scene. As an artist, I recognize that I need to be agile and adaptable. It's vital to discover innovative methods to create in this ever-evolving landscape.

One of the strategies I employ to leverage technology and push boundaries is exploring how traditional divides within art forms can be blurred and challenged. I possess a particular knack for this, as demonstrated in my portfolio and website.

These graphics were created with 3D modeling software and the virtual world of Second Life.

They are deployed as adverts and infographics for the Avalon Art community in Second Life.

A short clip from a stop-motion project I am working on.

The set and characters are comprised primarily of found objects, sand, and acrylic paint.