Acrylic Paintings

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Digital Work

These works are created primarily in digital environments although some elements of these pieces begin in an analog mode.


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Extraterrestrial Adventure

Cyanotype Series


This series of cyanotype was made using photos of plants and scenery, digitally combined with images of 3D models. The subsequent images were printed on clear acetate. This positive was used with found items and physical plants to create the final cyanotypes exposed under natural sunlight.


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Printmaking with Handmade


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Monotype prints

These prints were made using laser cut and hand-cut wood relief blocks combined with found items. Printed on bristol board with water-based ink.


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Installation in Public Space

Using graphic design materials to engage with public space on a narrative.

Graphic material was secretly added to the space over time, and others eventually participated in the imagery by adding their own content.

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