Threshold to the Virtual

Virtual World Space and content, Video projection, and Physical Materials

Using the virtual world medium of Second Life, I am inviting an audience to explore spatiality, embodiment, community, and identity concerning virtual space. Through a threshold to a virtual space, do we choose to suspend disbelief to engage with that space and others on the other side of the threshold, or do we stay fixed in the constructs we are accustomed to?

Having built a virtual version of the Lord Hall Gallery at the University of Maine, guests at the physical and virtual galleries could view and hear each other live via streams presented in mirror version doorways. This live interaction took place during the opening reception Friday, May 19th.

For the remainder of the exhibition, the virtual and physical galleries are presenting documentation videos recorded during the opening reception.

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Alexx Fenstalker, aka Thomas R Griffith
Pronouns He, She, They

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