Paper Making Press Making

After attending a couple of workshops on paper-making, I just had to have my own paper-making press.

So, I set out to build one and test some ideas I had about combining some designs I had seen online and was provided with by one of the workshop instructors.

What better material to use for this working prototype? Two by fours, of course!

So far, it has worked well.

I built it with a jack at the bottom to provide a good amount of pressure and a threaded pressure plate on top that can be set at a convenient height without disassembling the press.

I built in a cutter system that directs water runoff to a tube that runs into a bucket and prevents excessive wet floors and studio furniture.


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  1. Great presentation of the work involved! Very interesting. I burned out a lot of thrift store blenders. Got raw materials from heavily coated poles in Seattle, flyers for events, bands, happenings, dumpsters, etc.. I do have a paper shredder now, and some of my old frames and deckles. Wonder what the 2 things are that you added to the slurry?

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